NaPoWriMo (# 8):Prompting a poem…

Poetry is a pure emotion,
straight from the heart.
To prompt its conception,
is setting boundaries for this art !!
But the prompt is only an option,
it aids the poem to start.
At times these prompts are tough to employ..
But this challenge now, I have begun to enjoy!!!

Ha..fastest poem I ever wrote and I think it meets the “ottava rima for eighth” by NaPoWriMo. However I think I will stick to writing the spontaneous poems that come to my mind and the issues that effect my thinking instead of these prompts because they are more satisfying and close to my heart. I hope I will survive the 30 days…

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About shoma abhyankar

As of now I am a stay at home mom and I am loving it!! I have tried my hand at making candles, chocolates, craft items and now I am trying out blogging along with a course in creative writing. So far so good....I have had satisfying experience in all activities that I have put myself into. Hope the same with blogging. So read on and please leave a comment if you happen to like what I write. It means a lot to know that i am being read.....
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