The poison dripping words,
dancing in sadistic glee…
boring thru’ my heart,
tearing it apart..
bleeding me.
It now hurts less..
with each passing day,
but the scar is there to stay.
And  I still pray for your happiness..
But I fear, me again you will hurt….
So until you win back my trust..
Adios, my once-upon-a-time friend…
Let us meet when this pain ends.

About shoma abhyankar

As of now I am a stay at home mom and I am loving it!! I have tried my hand at making candles, chocolates, craft items and now I am trying out blogging along with a course in creative writing. So far so good....I have had satisfying experience in all activities that I have put myself into. Hope the same with blogging. So read on and please leave a comment if you happen to like what I write. It means a lot to know that i am being read.....
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One Response to Adios..

  1. Kira says:

    This was a great poem! And thank you for putting my poem as a Related Article :-)

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