All is fair in love and war…..

Much often used phrase, but mostly to camouflage a wrong action. But in its real context it sure is true!!

War….. to begin with, in itself is not fair as it brings pain to all involved whether an enemy or the defendant. Love, is what should be there between all humans. But that’s an idealistic thought which in today’s world is unreal due to loss of trust on each other.

War against terror; killing Osama Bin Laden….. now isn’t that  fair? All the fanatics, of any religion for that matter, if resort to forcing their thought, belief on others and end up terrorising people, then a war to stop them by any means is FAIR!

War to defend honour,that too is fair! Killing for fun, due to hatred or for money  is but, unfair.

And Love is definitely fair too, the unconditional, selfless love! A mother’s love is the most unselfish love and if she has to protect her child from any harm she might forsee by whatever way she can think of, then that too is FAIR!

An obsessive love which leads to somebody getting hurt physically or emotionally is however not fair.

It all depends on each person’s perspective. Like Laden was convinced of righteousness of his actions so he waged a war and obsessive lovers feel their obsession justified…

I guess then all is fair in love and war!


About shoma abhyankar

I like to believe that I am a creative person. I read, write, paint, sketch, rustle up some quick and some elaborate meals for friends and family, love chess, su-doku and scrabble, can hum an old Hindi song tentatively, always stand up for women rights, hate fake people, bugs, roaches, spiders and cigarette smokers!! I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Architecture in 1998. Soon after, I married an officer in Indian Air Force and have been on move since then. For a brief time of two years when we were posted in Pune, I worked as a junior architect in a firm. Being aware of frequent movement that we would have to live with, I chose to be a homemaker and concentrated on creating a warm and welcoming home for my family. But sitting at home without any creative activity was not my cup of tea. I learnt candle making and soon put up an exhibition at Poona Club when my daughter was barely a year old. I also enjoyed a short stint as a home-based entrepreneur, supplying chocolates and cakes on demand, while we were posted in Bareilly. With an inclination towards writing, I completed a diploma in ‘Creative Writing in English’ from Symbiosis College of Distance Learning, Pune. Then I discovered the blogosphere. Now I hope to not only travel and share my experiences with the world but also to pen a book someday....
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