NaPoWriMo (# 21): To be kid again..

Those carefree nights and days…
long gone.. 
The languorous dozing..
with wings to the imagination.
in that  warm winter sun,
The star-gazing ..
on the cool sheets so white,
in those breezy summer nights,
While sploshing, mum’s mild refrain..
in that heavily pouring rain,
puddles and small paper boats,
wrapped in floral raincoats.
Oh those days, I so yearn,
when fun was the only concern.
The carefree slumber, careless mud stain..
Oh, to be kid again..
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About Shoma Abhyankar

I believe "Life is short and the world is wide"and travel is best possible solution to make the best of this life. I am Shoma Abhyankar. Welcome to ASTONISHING INDIA
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5 Responses to NaPoWriMo (# 21): To be kid again..

  1. Raymond Maxwell says:

    thanks for the ping!


  2. Ah the sweet memories of childhood. And we wanted to grow up so fast too.


  3. poyye says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have had a childhood that felt so good!


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