Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

I spent the entire week for some “Brainy” inspiration for this theme but the time ran out and nothing really crossed my mind. I do not want to be left out for this challenge and simplest thing I could do was to upload the picture of our living room/hall.Living Room/ HallMy husband being in defense services, we get posted to different places across the country and every time I have to pack up my things and redecorate the new house at new place. The government houses that we get are always of a different layouts and sizes and it becomes a challenge to fit in things which we have collected over the years in every new house. I decorated this house with a lot of love and I know that another few months and we will wrap up here too not knowing where we will be next posted to or the house that we will get.

But, that is okay as long as we are together as family.


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About shoma abhyankar

I graduated as an architect but instead of spending hours in office I chose to paint, write, travel and be a stay-at-home mom to my precious daughter. Thanks to a loving husband(and earning too!!) I am able to do all of it. I did a creative writing course and hope to publish a book someday. Till then I hope to get read on these blogs ...
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2 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

  1. Nicely decorated. Those puffy chairs looks comfortable.


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