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I believe "Life is short and the world is wide"and travel is best possible solution to make the best of this life. I am Shoma Abhyankar. Welcome to ASTONISHING INDIA

Fit At Forty

“Eat those greens” was the regular admonition administered by my doctor mom.  But who pays heed in childhood to well-meaning nagging of parents? A year ago I weighed 67 kg. For a person who had not put on any extra … Continue reading

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Book Review: Then The Door Bell Rang

Book: Then The Door Bell Rang Author: Capri Jalota Genre: Fiction Publication: Inkstate Books Another book that has been long overdue for review is “Then The Door Bell Rang”. Reading through the blurb, I was little worried about not making … Continue reading

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Of Bookworms and Jelly Bellies

 Book: Bookworms and Jelly Bellies Author: Rajini Rao & Ruchira Ramanujam Genre: Cookbook Publication: Hachette India You may call me pompous and a brag,  but I take pride in being a good cook. I don’t innovate or concoct new dishes … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Aravan Head

Book: The Aravan Head Author: Arvind Narasimha Genre: Fiction Publications: Inspire India Publishers Amidst house shifting, setting up a home and travel I have lagged behind in reviewing some wonderful books that came my way. Honestly, when the book The … Continue reading

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Yaari Dosti….

अमीरी गरीबी से परे हो अहं से न घिरी हो शर्तों में न बंधी हो जिंदगी के तूफानों से लड लौ जिसकी न बुझी हो दोस्ती वो निराली है नखरे उठाती नखरे दिखाती उसकी नोंकझोंक ही बडी प्यारी है गुनगुनी … Continue reading

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Book Review: Bhrigu Mahesh, The Return Of Damayanti

Book: Bhrigu Mahesh, Return Of Damayanti Author: Nisha Singh Genre: Thriller Publication: Partridge Publications Whenever I go to book stores, I invariably reach out to the mysteries and thriller section unless there is some super attractive history book that I … Continue reading

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Tab Bhi Uljhan Hoti Thi; Ab Bhi Uljhan Hoti Hai

  रेत से बटोरी सीपी ही बचपन की दौलत होती थी सिक्कों की खनक में लेकिन अब दौलत अपनी नपती है ऊंचे आस्मां में ही बचपन की पतंग उड़ती थी अब कहाँ उस नीली छतरी को निहारने की फुर्सत होती … Continue reading

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