I love to read…. a habit which was introduced to me by my mom. I have grown up reading not only the “Amar Chitra Katha“, “Target”, ” Bal Bharti” but also “Noddy”,”Nancy Drew” series and “Hardy Boys”.

Though I graduated to reading “Mills & Boons” but oddly enough I did not really appreciate those books and stopped issuing those from the library. Instead I quickly took to reading books by Robert Ludlum because the “Bourne series” was available right there at home in my Dad’s collection. And that’s when I discovered my love for the tight action packed stories.I have read quite a lot many books by Robert Ludlum but my favorite among his books have obviously been the Jason Bourne stories.


In college I came across Ayn Rand‘s “Fountain Head” and ” The Atlas Shrugged”, both wonderful reads. Later my husband introduced me to books by Richard Bach. I also loved books by:

Robin Cook

Arthur Hailey

Erich Segal

Dan Brown

Recently I have developed a liking towards historic stories and who better than William Darlymple. His “The Last Mughal” and “White Mughals” are so vivid in description that it feels like being in those times.


Among Indian authors I read almost all by Chetan Bhagat but could appreciate only “3 Idiots” and “Two States”.

Ah! how I wish I could write something like these authors someday….

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  1. Charu Singh says:

    Debut novel review.

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  2. chinks says:

    My choice of books is similar to you I guess. I started reading mills and boons when I was in tenth, and soon grew bored of it. Ayan Rand’s fountain head and atlas shrugged are so far the best. John Grisham, Paulo Coelho are some of my favourites.
    It’s nice to come back to your blog after a long time:)


  3. Hi Shoma, I found your blog through Island Traveller’s. I couldn’t leave without dropping in a note to say ‘hi’. There’s just too much in common, architecture, India, books (i have not read as many as you, though), motherhood, choosing to stay at home. The only difference I can spot as of now is that, I haven’t dabbled in anything except freelance writing & desiging.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts like ‘…………..2011’


    • Hey, thanks.It is so good to meet people of similar thinking. And i guess i can take your help in this freelance writing coz i have been trying various places but no luck. i hope you can give me some helpful hints…


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