Book Review: Winning Like Virat; Think And Succeed Like Kohli

Book: Winning Like Virat; Think & Succeed Like Kohli

Author: Abhirup Bhattacharya

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publisher: Rupa Publication

I am the odd one out in a nation crazy about cricket…Well, I know the great names of cricketers; national and international, few terms related to the sport and a general idea of how the game is played… Last match that I sat and watched being aired might be the one when Sachin Tendulkar was gifted a car!!

I know…I know…you might wonder then how I am reviewing a book based on a cricketer’s life story… In fact I thought so too and was about to turn down the offer to review this book.

But I like to know that India won a certain match or Indian players beat the hell out of other teams or Indians have become a team to reckon…I love the feeling of hearing about Indian achievements be it in sports, cultural or historical and even films. So here I am reading a book based on Virat Kohli…another dependable player and the current captain of Indian Cricket Team.

The book however is not about the sport or cricketing skills of Virat Kohli. The book by Abhiroop Bhattacharya looks at the sportsman’s attitude, morals and ethics in day-to-day life, on the field and in the confines of the dressing room.

Taking Virat Kohli’s interaction with his coach, friends and mentors, his loyalty and steadfastness, his ability to observe, absorb and revamp himself into a better sportsman, his leadership qualities as examples, the author has pointed out facets of this player that can be emulated by rest of us to become better and succeed in life.

Virat’s commitment and desire to excel is something which has been lauded by the cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar himself. The book has  more words of praise by most of the legends of cricketing world for Virat’s maturity, man-management skills, hard work, ability to handle pressure and his confidence in taking up a challenge.

The book has brought to light, the fact, that success comes to those who strive to achieve it and luck alone doesn’t play a part.

A nice read, the book provokes the reader to think about changing for better and making a success out of their lives with little ‘learning tips’ throughout the book. Well written the book is worth a read.

Read for your own sake. May be you will come a little closer to understanding this dynamic sportsman and take a leaf out of his success story.

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Book Review: Unns, The Captivation

Book: Unns

Author: Sapan Saxena

Genre: Fiction

Publication: Inspire India Publishers

I was already neck-deep in doing book reviews when “Unns” landed at my door step.

As I read through first few pages I had my doubts. The story begins with two teenage school kids realizing the first attraction and tickles of young adolescent love.

I went along to read the story thinking it yet another love story that I had to read just because I promised for reviewing it.

Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim, the two teenagers promise each other allegiance and love forever. The kids find excuses to prolong their school hours for exchanging sweet nothings. As the school life approaches the end, Meher Qasim ends the fledgling of a relationship that could have been. Heartbroken, Atharva Rathod is stuck in his first love while Meher Qasim moves on.

The story then jumps a few years and it is then that it takes on a different flavor all together.

Atharva Rathod works with intelligence services and is involved in some secret mission. His heart still preserves his tender first love for Meher Qasim who unawares of his love is living her life somewhere in Germany. On one of his missions, Atharva Rathod travels to Germany. A chance meeting with Meher Qasim rekindles his hopes and love for Meher. With immense faith in his love, he opens up to Meher once again only to realize soon that he has been a fool in expecting anything. Circumstances lead to a jeopardized mission and imprisonment subsequently.

Destiny brings Meher and Atharva face to face again many years later after he is relieved from prison. Despite a bitter past, Atharva yet again is willing to give Meher a chance.

The story is full of twists and keeps the reader guessing. It is engaging definitely and at a certain point I wanted to shake Atharva and tell him not to trust or waste his time on a heartless ruthless woman. However another twist brings a change in heart of Meher.

The story describes the seven stages of love Hub or attraction; Unns or infatuation; Ishq or love; Aqeedat or reverence; Ibadat or worship; Junoon or obsession and Maut or when love is ready to embrace death for the lover. While Atharva seems to have reached all the stages of love, Meher holds back always. However as she realizes the unconditional love of Atharva, she too achieves the last stage of love in a selfless act and absolves herself of all sins.

Secret missions and romance go hand in hand in the plot of the novel and blend well. After the first few pages, the story suddenly changes the tone and wants you to turn page after page. Written in a very simple language, it reads well.

I liked the story much to my surprise. Read it and enjoy this tale of love and secrets. It definitely is worth a read.

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Book Review: The Detox Diet

A diet book? This seems different though.

With food therapy it targets the root causes for ailments which seem chronic.Read a detailed review at Women’s Web.

The Detox Diet By Shonali Sabherwal Gives The Reader Many Simple Hacks to A Healthier Lifestyle


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All Women Bike Rally: Reiterating The Women Power

Women have come a long way from being confined to four walls of home. There is no denying to the fact that women are as great achievers as any man…sometimes even better. We have women doing all kinds of jobs which earlier were considered a male bastion and so we have astronauts, pilots, doctors, professors, scuba divers, spies, military personnel and taxi drivers too. A few days ago I read about a Pakistani truck driver who happens to be the first woman of her country and an old woman at that.

Men have tried limiting women in stereotypical roles; they have tried to set rules of dos and don’ts; they have raged, ranted  and labeled women to scare and dominate but women are tougher than that…we soar new heights every day…we scale new horizons every minute…we achieve greater heights every second.

In keeping up the undying spirit of women, Times of India organised All Women Bike Rally on 5th March across 21 cities of the country. Now in its fourth year this event has bagged a mention in Limca Book of Records with the number of women, participating in this unique rally, increasing every year.

Breaking the shackles of naysayers, women of all age groups participated in this fun rally with full vigour. Some rode Harley Davidson and Royal Enfield bikes and many rode on their non-gear bikes and scooters.

I joined in too on my scooty and was amazed to see the sea of women who had turned up for the event.

Ready for a fun ride

I was participating for first time and had no idea how enthusiastic women were in making a statement. Women were dressed in all kinds of attires….the sari didn’t stop them and neither did the traditional ‘nauwari’ or the nine yards of typical Maharashtrian Sari. The younger ones wore western attires and some stuck to salwar kameez.

Decked up in traditional ‘mangalsutras‘, ‘nath‘ and armful of bangles, some even had typical Mahrashtrian head scarf, the ‘pheta‘ adorning their heads.

Nine Yards of sari and pheta for a bike ride

They came in pairs and they came in groups, some advocated social messages of saving girl child and some declared that women were no less…

Biking Divas

Girl power

Age did not deter women to participate either. I was particularly blown over by a granny Asha Patankar of 73 years old who had her daughter-in-law for company on another bike. Not only were they defying the clichéd MIL-DIL equation with their camaraderie but also their enthusiasm was infectious.

MIL-DIL biking duo

The rally was flagged off by the DCP of Traffic Police, another woman of grit. We rode for an hour with bikers shouting on top of their voice ‘Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji‘. Traffic police managed to provide an uninterrupted passage for all the bikers throughout the 18kilometers of road.

Rally Route

The event ended on a high note with participants getting prizes for their attire, bike decor and historical character representations. And then there was song and dance too….

I would have preferred if women were encouraged to wear helmets instead of only decking themselves up….after all safety should be paramount concern along with empowerment of women. A rule-abiding woman can bring about change better than a woman who falls victim to unsafe driving!

All in all the event was a fun-filled morning…an attempt to reiterate woman power…that women will never back away now…We have fire in the belly and wind under our wings…

A very happy International Women’s Day to my fellow wives, moms, sisters, daughters and grandmas.

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Book Review: Think With Me

Book: Think With Me

Author: Subrata Roy Sahara

Publisher: Rupa Publication

think-with-meI have taken my own sweet time in reading this book just because I somehow did not believe in it.

It is a common habit of people in our society to find faults in everything from condition of roads, education system, population, governance and even how sports are played on field.

Every one is a know all and a preacher. Most of us have many solutions to all the problems that exist in our country  but when it comes to following rules, even the simplest rule of wearing a helmet and sticking to the lane while driving are ignored. If after that we are stuck in a traffic jam or somebody dies we blame it on ill-governance by city authorities, on police department for being lax and so on and so forth….Point is nobody stands up to say it was wrong to not follow rules!

I feel this book is of same temperament. This 100 pages book is divided into five sections of Electoral System and Leadership, Population, Education System, Media and Religion. Each segment is further dealt with in detail but the author goes on to tell what all is wrong with various systems. He has mentioned throughout the book ” I can personally guide the method”. The author comments ‘sick mentality’ of poor people because they bear more children with the aim of earning more. He goes on to say this and that should be done for population control.

I  agree that the problems that he has discussed are real and need a revolution. However I have a limited scope of improving the system and I do that by following rules, by being tolerant and friendly with people of other faiths, by teaching my child that the country should come first…I am vary of preachers though.

I would love to know the contribution that the author has made beyond his organization for each of the system that he has found fault in.

The title of the book is very apt…’Think with me’…yes we need to think and act as per our ability but fault-finding and hollow discussions will have no result. Each one of the educated lot needs to take responsibility and follow rules….Look within I would say instead of blaming the system. Rules already exist…why do they need to be more stringent? Why can we not begin with following existing rules in social and business spheres?

The book is an okay read.

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Book Review: Open Eyed Meditations

Book: Open-Eyed Meditations

Author: Shubha Vilas

Genre: Self-Help

Publisher: Finger Print Publication

open-eyed-meditations-blogaddaThe Epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, besides being great stories are treasure trove of ancient wisdom. The short stories within these epics can become important life lesson…we just need to look, to understand.

It becomes easier to learn and comprehend this wisdom if someone guides in the right direction.

The book ‘Open Eyed Meditations’ is an attempt to help understand and answer the puzzle of day-to-day life.

I have read the earlier book ‘Ramayana…….’ by Shubha Vilas and though I was not much impressed by it, I still opted to read this new book mostly because I got curious.

And, I find this one better than the previous one. “Open Eyed Meditations” has small nuggets of wisdom derived from the stories of the epics and applied in today’s world.

Take for example the chapter ‘Magic Carpet for Relationships’ where author has given the perfect example of Krishna’s love for Arjun. Krishna addressed Arjun by various names that were his qualities. By appreciating all his qualities Krishna had a lovable bond…a everlasting relationship with Arjun. Shubha Vilas has summed it well “The 5Cs of appreciation are continuous, constant, costructive, contemplative and conscious…it then become contagious and comes back to you”

Another chapter on whether love is defined in kisses and gifts, he gives the examples of deep love of Sita who sacrificed the worldly comforts to go with Rama and of Urmila’s love who sacrificed her right to be with her husband so that he may fulfill his duty. For a loving relationship what is required is an unconditional love and not superficial things like gifts etc.

An example which I found most interesting was in the chapter dealing with the choice of quantity or quality. In today’s social media trending world, I have often wondered about those bloggers who claim to have thousands of followers and at times I have felt helpless when I compared myself to them. The example of Arjun who chose Krishna instead of Yadav army for Mahabharat battle and Duryodhana chose the entire Krishna’s army clearly shows who chose quality and who chose the quantity. The Pandavas were victorious despite having smaller army because they had the quality…the brains and blessings of Krishna.

This example made me realize that number of followers on social media might not always mean that my work is of lesser or better quality! This story and the wisdom associated came to my notice at the time when I was feeling little dejected and it made sense to me….I am less worried now…I guess I knew this truth somewhere at the back of my logical thinking…it just needed to be prodded to come out.

There are 64 such chapters reflecting on life lessons that include little insights on love, relationships, leadership, courage, success, emotions, character and personality development. This book has tried to bring forth ancient wisdom for the modern lives in a very easy and simple way.

It is a good read and reader may get an unbiased third person viewpoint on certain issues that my ring true to them.

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

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Book Review: Finding Juliet

Finding Juliet

Author: Toffee

Publication: Srishti Publishers

Genre: Fiction

finding-julietSo a new book came at my doorstep… Finding Juliet, sent by Writer’s Melon.

 This is a story of a Arjun who seems to get attracted to lot many girls. He gets close and emotionally attached to three girls in succession but eventually loses his ground with each of them.

Dejected, heartbroken and confused he leaves his job and changes cities where his childhood friend Anjali becomes his shoulder to cry on. An office colleague seems to enlighten Arjun of ‘what women want’ and gradually Arjun turns himself into an irresistible flirty hunk.

Eventually, Arjun realizes the futility of one-night-stands and ‘no strings attached’ sexual escapades. It dawns on him that his true love was his ever supporting childhood friend that he had been searching for a long time. All ends well with Arjun finally Finding his Juliet.

When I started reading through, I kind of guessed who the Juliet would be and there was no surprise. The story though well written seems to be a concoction of some of the new age Hindi movies. At one time the main protagonist seems to be floundering with every thing and every girl and then every thing seems to fall in place with him romping around with every female in his vicinity…from young just in college girl to married woman are just blown away by his charm and he lands a lasting gig in the film industry writing lyrics!

Also the author keeps mentioning about the character being an engineer…it looked forced…as if he needs the world to believe of his geeky intellect! His romp  with every girl he meets becomes little boring because every time there is a mention of a new girl…you know what is coming!

Thankfully author decides to wake up and do away with his character’s Casanova lifestyle or else I would have stopped reading more of his amorous activities….too much of something becomes boring isn’t it? Or then may be I am old school.

The story is fast paced and holds attention. In fact if someone wants to make yet another new age movie where everyone is cool about casual sex and there is no guilt baggage…this story fits in.

The story is very today. I may have outgrown such love stories…I now kind of incline towards more mature real meaningful relationship stories but I am sure people would love to read this book and imagine themselves in ‘Arjun’s’ shoes.

Go ahead and read for yourself…

‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

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