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फिर भी..

हर दिन हों लगे चाहे सारे छप्पन भोग, पर रस-स्वाद ढूँढ़ते हैं वो लोग, हम तो लगाते अपने प्रभु को, नमक-सूखी रोटी का भोग, फिर भी हर दिन थोडा, मुस्कुरा लेते हैं हम लोग !! फीके रंग, कपड़ा ढीला या … Continue reading

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Prank That Sealed Our Love

There is a popular saying among the men in armed forces the ‘faujis‘…. “We work hard, we party harder”. What the others might not be aware of is that these men in uniform are big pranksters too! One such prank … Continue reading

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Marriage Woes!!

Published at Women’s Web Marriage is a beautiful bond between two people who stick to each other through thick and thin even with no blood relation between them. Strongest of friendship cannot break the bond between married couples….this when the husband … Continue reading

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Visitor at my home…

Few months back, when I came back from some grocery shopping, I couldn’t see our pet dog Buddy, at his usual spot near the gate instead I saw this little visitor who seemed scared and unsure of his next move! ‘Buddy must … Continue reading

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Until death do us part….

15 years ago, in October 1999, that is what we promised each other on the altar…..to be together till death do us part. Since then we have loved, fought, argued, laughed, teased, cried, worried about each other, sometimes neglected each other, … Continue reading

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Questions of an almost teen…

“What are periods? Did your body change like it is mine? When will I have my periods? Why do girls only have periods? Does it happen everyday?What happens to boys when they are growing up?” “Mom, what is a condom? … Continue reading

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Praying for Patience, Positive outlook…..Peace

The world today needs Peace much more than any new drug, weapon, scientific discovery, space travel, climbing mountains or discovering other habitable planets in far of galaxies. People, world over are at war….with each other, themselves, circumstances …..everything. There is so … Continue reading

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