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Tunnel Of Varnavat: A Review

Book: Tunnel of Varnavat Author: Gautam Chikermane Publishers: Rupa Publication Genre: Fiction The characters of the epic Mahabharata are as complex as it can get with each one having shades of good and bad, right and wrong, compassion and ruthlessness … Continue reading

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Bhima: The Man in Shadows by Vikas Singh

Book: Bhima Author: Vikas Singh Publisher: Westland Limited I have grown up listening to the tales of Mahabharata, read Amar Chitra Katha books on various characters of Mahabharat and have even seen the mega serial on the same, directed and produced … Continue reading

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E for Eklavya

In ancient India when King Dhritrashtra ruled the land, there was a boy Eklavya who was the son of a tribal chief in the kingdom of Magadha.He wanted to master the skill of archery under the tutelage of  Sage Dronacharya, the royal … Continue reading

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Poem : Tum Kab Aaoge(when will you come?)

अधर्म  हो चला है अब सहन से परे, दुर्योधन, दुशासन हैं अब हर ओर खड़े, कहीं कोई चीर करे हरण, कहीं चरित्र करे कोई हनन, अग्नि परीक्षा देकर भी, नारी के ही भर आयें नयन कर हर आयु की मर्यादा … Continue reading

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